Big Bill® Flame Resistant Work Wear

Big Bill Flame Resistant Workwear

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Protection From The Thermal
Effects Of Electrical Arcs (ATPV)

Is it possible to measure the thermal protective performance of a fabric?  YES!  This factor is called the Arc Thermal Performance Value, or ATPV and is measured in (cal/cm2). The larger the ATPV of a fabric is, the more protection the workers have. ATPV is a reference used to calculate the risk of incident to help workers be able to choose the correct protective clothing system. As the weight of the fabric system increases, so does its ATPV. In addition, two layers of lightweight fabric offer considerably more arc thermal protection than one heavy-weight layer, and more than the sum of the two individual layers, because of the pocket of air between the two fabrics.

Typical Protective Clothing Systems

Hazard Risk Category Clothing Description
(Number of clothing layers
given in parentheses)
Total Fabric Weight (oz/yd2) Minimum Arc Thermal Performance Value
0 Untreated Cotton (1) 4.5 - 7 N/A
1 FR Shirt and FR Pant (1) 4.5 - 8 4
2 Cotton Underwear + FR Shirt and FR Pants 9 - 12 8
3 Cotton Underwear + FR Shirt and FR Pants + FR Coverall (3) 16 - 20 25
4 Cotton Underwear + FR Shirt and FR Pants + Double Layer Switching Coat and Pants (4) 24 - 30 40

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